Jum Journal System

Open source scientific journal system written in Python with ease (Django) to comply with the latest Google Scholar Webmaster Guidelines.
Web Development Google Scholar SEO Custom CMS Django Google Cloud Debian 10 Search Console VM Bootstrap Lottiefiles Chart.js



  • The metadata is designed to comply with the latest Google Scholar Webmaster Guidelines for inclusion and indexing by Google Scholar.
  • Create, read, update and delete Manuscripts, Volumes, Issues, Category, Sections, Authors, Announcements, Blog Posts and Blog Tags.
  • Filter and search by title, abstract, keywords, volumes, issues.
  • The application can easily communicate with other systems via the REST API. [beta - only GET requests are available for now.]
  • Automatically generated manuscript sitemap for search engine optimization.

Our Stack

Django, Postgresql, Chart.js, Bootstrap, Lottiefiles, Debian 10.